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Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen working free



Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen Description

It’s a keygen which can be used on ALL games I
tested it on many many games, and it works well.

Version 1.1 : Correct 1 minor graphic bug and 1 major patching bug (because i
was certainly “high” when coding it)

Version 2.0 : Bypass detection of my unpacker (yeah) in the reflexive wrapper :p
* Changed Hook Procedure for the patch

Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen

HOW TO USE Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen?

Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen

First, install Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen
Then launch the Reflexive Arcade Games Universal Keygen.
Chose your cracking method (i advice you to keep Method 1)
Click on “Go”
Select your game exe file (usually “mygame”.exe) in the game folder
If you choosed Method 2, game will be patched. That’s all. But if
you choosed Method 1, the game will be launched. You will see a nag screen
like this :

You just had to click on the “Play Game” button.
Here Zone Alarm Users may see one or two alerts. Make sure your answer
“Yes” or “Authorize”! It’s because i kill the game before it fully launch 😉

If game is launched, you’ll have to choose Method 2 .But if it works,
you’ll see a msgbox…

The explorer will be launch and you’ll see game folder. Just
follow the msgbox instructions : delete “game”.exe and rename unpacked.exe to
Try it. Launch the game.. Its CRACKED NOW *grin*. (And no nag screen will bother you )


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